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    Did you know there is an art to washing your hair? If you use this technique just like a brush to a canvas you are bound to bring forth a beautifully clean, de-tangled, minimal shedding hair!

    I prefer to co-wash my hair with a deep conditioner than shampoo but the same method is equally as effective.

    Step 1

    On your dry hair, coat your hair with Crown of Glory Pre-Poo Treatment. Once coated put a shower cap over your hair for a minimum of 45 minutes. For best results, leave the treatment and shower cap on your hair overnight. This will soften your hair and act as a coat against stripping whilst washing your hair.

    Step 2

    At the point of washing, remove the shower cap and using your fingers only put your hair into 4 sections twisting each section and put each into a bantu knot.

    Step 3

    One section at a time, wet the hair, using a sulphate free shampoo of your choice wash your scalp only or using a deep conditioner of your choice plaster the conditioner on your scalp, hair and hair tips. Then one section at a time, whilst the hair is open use your thumbs to move in a downward motion to finger detangle, whilst at the same time separating your hair strands. Once complete twist each section and keep in the 4 sections.

    Step 4

    Unravelling one section at a time, wash the section with the tips of your fingers (but not your nails!). For a deep clean use the scalp massaging shampoo brush on your scalp and hair.  Once complete twist each section and keep in the 4 sections.

    Step 5 (extra step for Deep Condition)

    Put all 4 sections together and secure with a hair band. Then put on a shower cap. and stay in a steamy environment, such as a shower for 10-15 minutes.

    Step 6

    Unravelling one section at a time, wet the hair using an isolation shower head DO NOT WASH THE HAIR again at this point just let the shampoo/conditioner run out of the hair. Once clear, spray aloe vera juice on the scalp and hair, then apply Crown of Glory Hair & Scalp Growth Oil (either type is fine) to your scalp. Once complete twist each section and keep in the 4 sections.

    Step 7 

    Lastly grab and stretch each twist to the opposite side of your head going through the middle of your head. Using an old (but clean) t-shirt wrap your head. Do not rub or pat dry your hair.

    You can either air dry your hair or blow dry your hair using the tension method.

    Once dry, apply Crown of Glory Shea Butter Hair Cream for styling.



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