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    The same way your skin can become rough and dry with exposure to extreme weather, your hair can also take a beating from the environment. In the summer months, hair can lose its moisture due to UV rays, chlorinated swimming pools, and salty ocean water. The result? Dry, brittle, dull and colour changed strands that are desperate for some extra TLC. The good news is that you can easily hydrate your hair while still enjoying a dip in the pool or a day trip outdoors. Ahead, we share helpful tips on how to keep your hair hydrated in the heat of summer.

    Wash Your Hair Weekly

    Water is the supreme moisturiser. When you wet your hair the water molecules actually penetrate the hair shaft and make the hair softer and more elastic.

    Finish With a Cold Rinse

    Washing your hair with warm water helps to dislodge dirt and oil. It also increases the hair’s porosity i.e. the cuticles open up so that all the good stuff from your shampoo and conditioner is easily absorbed.

    Rinsing your hair in cold water at the end of the washing process will help to flatten the cuticle and lock in moisture.  

    Spritz your hair with water twice a day

    This will help to keep it hydrated. Note that if your hair is damaged or if you have a build up of minerals on your hair (e.g. from hard water) or if you’re using a product high in petrolatum/ petroleum/mineral oil, water will find it hard to penetrate to the cuticle.

    Drink lots of water

    A lot of hydration operates from the inside out.

    Deep Condition Weekly

    Deep conditioners contain moisture-boosting elements and proteins that

    a) strengthen the hair cuticle and

    b) enhance the hair strand’s moisture.

    I didn’t know this until recently but not all conditioners are made equal. There are five main types:

    • Instant conditioners
    • Cream-rinse conditioners
    • Deep conditioners – you want this one
    • Moisturising conditioners
    • Protein conditioner

    The weaker types (e.g. instant conditioners) are designed for daily use, some are designed for weekly use, e.g. deep conditioners and some shouldn’t be used more than once a month (e.g. those very high in protein).


    Apply a moisturiser to your hair before you apply any oil.

    Oil is not a moisturiser. Oil and water do not mix hence oil needs to be applied last so that it stops moisture from escaping. Oil is fantastic at locking in moisture.

    In terms of applying hair products (leave-in moisturiserscreamsoils), you need to figure our which order keeps your hair most moisturised: LOC Method or LCO Method.

    Use our Shea Butter Hair Cream

    Packed with natural ingredients, and free from chemicals , petrolatum, petroleum and mineral oils your hair will be well moisturised and light.

    Seal in the Moisture with one of our Oils

    Whether you have normal hair or damaged hair we have an oil for you.

    Sleep with a satin bonnet at night and/or use a satin pillow case

    Cotton absorbs the moisture from your hair a lot more than satin does. In addition, satin fibres are smoother than cotton ones so you’re less vulnerable to breakage with satin.

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