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    Thank you for taking your time to know more about Crown of Glory Hair Care. My name is Chioma Omoviye, a wife, mother, minister of God and woman with natural hair. My own hair type is 4B/4C and my strands were once heavily damaged to the point my scalp was patchy and the hair on the crown of my head was thinning. After years of looking and being concerned I finally took it to the Lord in prayer. By His special grace He took me on a journey to understand the effects on our scalp and hair through using different combinations of premium pure natural carrier oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Extra Virgin Olive and pure essential oils such as peppermint oil, rosemary oil, ylang ylang. My daughter, now aged 5, used to cry uncontrollably when making her hair. This is despite her hair being what I consider to be very soft. Regardless tears 😭 all throughout! So I was determined to change her hair story so she can enjoy her hair. Unknown to me my daughter also had it as a prayer point that she will not cry anymore when I make her hair!! My first products were produced for my own private use with my daughter. However as God may have it, my daughter had a sleepover and it was the weekend I was washing and making her hair. As such, I decided to also make the hair of her friend who was aged 8 at the time. I used the homemade Pre-Poo treatment and the Shea Butter Hair Cream. When her friend returned home her mother wanted to wash her hair and get it ready for school but she noticed something was different and decided against washing and making the hair as the hair texture had improved and she didn’t want to wash the products and its effects away. So she called me and asked “what did you use on [my daughters hair] it is so soft and easy to comb, I have never seen it like this before I need to buy some”. So I laughed and explained that I didn’t buy the products but I made them! She screamed and asked me to make some for her, she explained she had tried many products that have never had this effect on her daughters hair and she is ready to pay for it as long as I can supply. That was the beginning of Crown of Glory Hair Care. From family, to friends, to work colleagues, fellow school mums and now to clients I do not know. The business has metamorphosised as it is used and loved by men, women, girls and boys as it penetrates and softens the hair shaft making hair strands stronger, elasticated, defined, moist and easy to manage! As my hair journey is not unique to many I soon realised I was blessed to be a blessing! Try Crown of Glory Hair Care today!

    A natural hair products company set up to be help be a solution to many hair care issues using natural remedies & ingredients
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