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    We are grateful for the questions you have asked in time past, some of these questions are quite similar and as such please find below a list of our frequently asked questions. Hopefully this should answer your question. If by any chance your question is not answered please contact us through our contact section or email us on


    What is the difference between the Hair Growth & Scalp Oil and Hair Growth & Scalp Oil (thinning hair)?

    The Hair Growth & Scalp Oil is for normal hair that is not damaged. The ingredients promote healthy voluminous hair.

    The Hair Growth & Scalp Oil (Thinning Hair) is a more concentrated oil with components for damaged hair that is noticeably thinning, shedding or balding. The ingredients stimulate hair growth.


    What is the importance of massaging my scalp with the hair oil?

    After the application of either of our hair oils, it is paramount that you massage your scalp to increase blood circulation which condition the scalp and boost the strength of hair roots. Increased circulation means the cells of the hair follicle will receive more nutrients necessary for optimal hair growth function.


    Do you ship outside of the UK?

    Yes we do. We currently ship to UK, USA, Europe and parts of Africa. All orders outside of the UK may be subject to customs fees, where applicable, the customer would be asked to pay from their home country on receipt of their order. Where your country is not currently available for shipping via our website please contact us for a bespoke order on


    I cannot complete my order.

    It may be that you have not entered one of the mandatory fields in your billing or shipping address, or you are still to accept our mandatory terms and conditions by ticking the tick box before proceeding to checkout. If it is not any of these and you are still experiencing some kinds of technical issues when submitting your order please don’t worry. Our website is completely secure so any details you’re worried about will be protected. In the meantime, you can contact our customer services who will be more than happy to complete your order for you. Just contact us at 07538526073 or

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