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    Mixed Heritage Hair

    My son's hair has always been coarse and difficult to manage although he is of mixed heritage. I tried Crown of Glory Pre-Poo Treatment and Shea Butter Hair Cream now his hair is so soft and amazing! He too is oozing with confidence, I am so happy I tried it.



    Afro Kinky Beard

    My beard used to be hard, patchy and difficult to manage. After I used Crown of Glory Shea Butter Hair Cream the difference was clear! My beard is now soft, bouncy, growing full without patches and I can finally comb my beard!


    Shea Butter Hair Cream


    European Dyed Hair

    I was nearly in tears one night about my hair... going through menopause and lot of stress over a few years but that night I was crying I turned over tv to watch yemi on revelation channel and you were on it. During your word of testimony you mentioned about your hair and I text into the show. My message was read out and you kindly answered my question. I was grateful the show put up your web page i ordered 2 products that night and was so surprised how reasonable the price was. Your products really did restore my hair and helped growth so much. God bless you ❤



    Tight Curls Afro Kinky Hair

    My daughter's hair is naturally very course. So much so that I texturised her hair in a bid to make it more manageable. It worked for a short while but continued to grow back course. I used the Crown of Glory Pre-Poo Treatment and Shea Butter Hair Cream and instantly I can notice the difference. Her hair is soft, easy to plait and style and it retains moisture! Now we both look forward to our hair day which is now as often as weekly! So impressed!



    Afro Kinky Hair

    I love using Crown of Glory products my hair is lush - the prepoo makes my hair so soft and shiny!

    Sylvia J

    shea butter hair cream lush natural hair type 4

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